participation conditions – hiking

own responsibility – risk
Hiking, mountaineering and most of the outdoor activities include the willingness to do personal performance and to accept some deprivation. Every participant has to carry an own rensponsibility on the way. A realistic self-assessment before starting your mountain-trip is very important. As well a careful planning can not eliminate completely every risk, a 100%-safety is not possible. I reccommend a personal accident insurance. For the possible carelessness of my own I’m responsable in the range of my general liability insurance.

medical self information
If you book a hiking trip, please fill out the medical self information on this site. It’s the responsibility of the participant to inform me about possible health problems or risks.

Please check the equipment before starting your trip. A recommendation for one-day-trips for the season you will find du here.

minimum of participants

means of transport
For coming to the starting point of a trip, it is necessary using the private car, the bus or the public transport. martin361° is not responsable for possible accidents, which could be happen.